Sunday 30 March 2014

News letter 010

03/14 issue #010
Mobile Fire Sprinkler Inspection Reporting

Time is money
We've all heard this quote but specific cost details are usually not included. Understanding direct cost is generally straightforward but realized productivity revenue is a little more difficult. Try this calculator tool for 30 seconds to identify productivity opportunities for ${Leads.Company}.
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Garbage in, Data out?
KwikReports employs a data maintenance technique to manage the vast amount of client and site data that comes with almost every industry today. Inevitably, when client or site data is entered, errors or omissions may occur. For instance, an incorrect email submitted by a client could cause a delay in receiving their reports. When a technician notices and makes a correction or an addition, during report processing the server will catch these changes and update them throughout the account. This creates many contributors to database updates, including technicians making changes onsite without a data connection.

Working without a data connection
One tip to selecting a mobile app is assessing the environment you must collect data in. If you know you will have a full constant connection then a web based app is fine, but losing connection even for short periods of time can really throw a wrench in the works. If this is the case, your app must be able to collect all aspects of your report data for multiple reports and prepare them for delivery with no connection. This would include creating last minute orders on the fly and recalling past reports with or without a bar code.

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