Monday, 2 December 2013

We have updated our Android Fire Sprinkler Inspection Software
There are 2 changes in this update

1. Report Condensing. We have just added functionality which gives your firm the option to remove the page breaks before each system in your reports. This was requested by our users who produce smaller reports. It also requires less printing for those using the mobile printers to leave paper copies on site. This option is located in your "Edit Company Profile" section within your KwikReports Online Account.

2. Updates with orders in the que. The automatic update will now be available with orders downloading simultaneously. Your your orders will continue to download while making the update options dialog box available.

To activate the update dialog box, inspectors simply tap the "Download" blue arrow in the orders section after downloading their orders. After install the version number listed in the help section should be 5.5.14

Download the app by scanning this bar code.


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