Wednesday, 31 July 2013

We have just added functionality which now lets you put the mobile device into audit mode. In this mode you may use the app and server to:
  • Have sales use the app to collect data of a system for estimation purposes.
  • Collect data during an inspection that is not part of the inspection but will be in the future.
There is no cost to you to collect and transfer non-report data. Another feature added is the inspector no longer needs to review the inspection notes to identify reports requested in an order. Now all the icons will be grayed out for the exception of the reports ordered which will be in color. The grayed out icons are accessible and if the inspector records information in these sections but does not select the option to include it in that report, the icon will still be grayed out but will now include a green check mark indicating there is data in that system.

After collecting your audit or non report items your android device can now deliver that data to your office. There is no cost to your company for doing this as you are not creating a report.

Another feature we have added is that you can now have multiple buildings at one address. Your orders are now separated with the order number.

Download the app by scanning this bar code.

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