Sunday, 23 June 2013

We are excited to announce a new major release of KwikReports Android Mobile Fire Sprinkler Inspection Software. We have made the first step towards the integration with Google online services by introducing the support of Google Accounts. Another major feature is the introduction of Company Address Books for Clients and Inspection Sites. It makes creation of new inspection orders a much easier process - you can now use "autocomplete" feature to quickly look up a client and inspection site. We have also improved Inspection Order and Reports search page.

Complete list of new features and improvements:

  • Use your Google Account (Gmail) to register and log in:
    • Registration process takes now only a minute, no need to create/confirm password and email
    • Log in process is secure and is handled entirely by Google
    • Separate log in locations for Account Admins and Inspectors.
  • Manage Company Client and Site Information address books (under Customization menu):
    • Maintain list of Clients and Inspection Sites that you can reuse in multiple Inspection Orders
    • Access links to Client and site info where you need them
  • Admin Google Calendar page that displays combined inspection schedules of all Inspectors (can be filtered)
  • Admin can choose to publish orders to specified inspectors immediately or save into database for later disbursement.
  • Inspector's Google Calendar sharing auto-configuration - with just one click.
    • Admins can now test whether Google Calendar sharing is correctly configured by each Inspector
  • Inspector now have their own dashboard to log into where they can.
    • Review their reports online
    • Edit Reports and report content to synchronize with mobile devices
    • Review orders
    • Review their schedule
  • "KwikReports" Savings Calculator - see how much your company can benefit from using our service.

  • Advanced Search & Sorting on the following pages:
    • Inspections & Reports
    • Inspection Site Locations
    • Client List
  • More compact Inspection Order form - no need to re-enter existing Client and Inspection Site details. Use the "auto complete" to look them up.
  • Cross-referencing of Inspection Orders, Reports, Address Book entries and Inspector profiles on report pages.
  • Unicode support in PDF reports, on Android devices and throughout the entire website.
  • Mobile device now combines all order info on to one page.

Thank you
From The KwikReports Team
“Inspect NOW, Deliver NOW!”


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