Thursday 2 May 2013

By request we have added bar code capability to your mobile solution.
Now aside from the search function in past reports you may now simply scan a bar code to pull up a specific report.

For example. When doing a report either for the first time or a re-inspect, in the "Orders" section you can adhere a bar code sticker in a "Home" location for that inspection. Then scan and apply its numerical code to that inspection.

Once you return to that location go to "Past Reports  and select the scanner icon. Scan the bar code you placed before and KwikReports will pull up that inspection in the the drop down list.

KwikReports will now automatically notify inspectors of an available update.  Two options will be given 'Update' or 'Later'. If 'Update' is selected, the KwikReports app will go through the process automatically requiring only 3 'Permission' taps.

Download our apk by scanning the code below

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