Sunday, 10 March 2013


KwikReports  Fire Sprinkler

Mobile Inspection Android


You have just found the most comprehensive Fire Sprinkler inspection software.
Whether you are comparing a PC based OR a mobile device accessing a website site, you will find KwikReports the most effective tool for your inspection reporting.

Fully mobile meaning OFFLINE - yes you read that right. You do not need a data connection to enter your report information.

Limited to no Typing! - How?
We have utilized the synchronization of your online report customizable response options to your mobile device while implementing automatic population of your selected report items.
We start you off with hundreds of narrative code referenced deficiency database items which are fully customizable within your online account all accessed with a 3 tap “drill down” interface.

Your note taking just became your report writing. After  you have completed a report NEVER write that report again as your mobile device will store up to 30,000 reports on a standard sd card and can be recalled or cloned at a moment’s notice and YES, with NO DATA connection.

$0.00 investment to get started
FREE account
FREE mobile application
FREE activation code
No credit card required to get fully set up and reviewing report data.
Also our mobile app is AD FREE .

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KwikReports Fire Sprinkler Mobile Inspection Software

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KwikReports Fire Sprinkler Mobile Inspection Software for Androids