Monday, 2 December 2013

We have updated our Android Fire Sprinkler Inspection Software
There are 2 changes in this update

1. Report Condensing. We have just added functionality which gives your firm the option to remove the page breaks before each system in your reports. This was requested by our users who produce smaller reports. It also requires less printing for those using the mobile printers to leave paper copies on site. This option is located in your "Edit Company Profile" section within your KwikReports Online Account.

2. Updates with orders in the que. The automatic update will now be available with orders downloading simultaneously. Your your orders will continue to download while making the update options dialog box available.

To activate the update dialog box, inspectors simply tap the "Download" blue arrow in the orders section after downloading their orders. After install the version number listed in the help section should be 5.5.14

Download the app by scanning this bar code.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


We have added a "Theoretical" curve to the flow graph

In the event there is not enough data to print one or the other curve  a notice will be shown in the online reports forms indicting the missing data for each curve.

We have also increased the processing speed for report compiling.

Download the app by scanning this bar code.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

We have just added functionality which now lets you put the mobile device into audit mode. In this mode you may use the app and server to:
  • Have sales use the app to collect data of a system for estimation purposes.
  • Collect data during an inspection that is not part of the inspection but will be in the future.
There is no cost to you to collect and transfer non-report data. Another feature added is the inspector no longer needs to review the inspection notes to identify reports requested in an order. Now all the icons will be grayed out for the exception of the reports ordered which will be in color. The grayed out icons are accessible and if the inspector records information in these sections but does not select the option to include it in that report, the icon will still be grayed out but will now include a green check mark indicating there is data in that system.

After collecting your audit or non report items your android device can now deliver that data to your office. There is no cost to your company for doing this as you are not creating a report.

Another feature we have added is that you can now have multiple buildings at one address. Your orders are now separated with the order number.

Download the app by scanning this bar code.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

We are excited to announce a new major release of KwikReports Android Mobile Fire Sprinkler Inspection Software. We have made the first step towards the integration with Google online services by introducing the support of Google Accounts. Another major feature is the introduction of Company Address Books for Clients and Inspection Sites. It makes creation of new inspection orders a much easier process - you can now use "autocomplete" feature to quickly look up a client and inspection site. We have also improved Inspection Order and Reports search page.

Complete list of new features and improvements:

  • Use your Google Account (Gmail) to register and log in:
    • Registration process takes now only a minute, no need to create/confirm password and email
    • Log in process is secure and is handled entirely by Google
    • Separate log in locations for Account Admins and Inspectors.
  • Manage Company Client and Site Information address books (under Customization menu):
    • Maintain list of Clients and Inspection Sites that you can reuse in multiple Inspection Orders
    • Access links to Client and site info where you need them
  • Admin Google Calendar page that displays combined inspection schedules of all Inspectors (can be filtered)
  • Admin can choose to publish orders to specified inspectors immediately or save into database for later disbursement.
  • Inspector's Google Calendar sharing auto-configuration - with just one click.
    • Admins can now test whether Google Calendar sharing is correctly configured by each Inspector
  • Inspector now have their own dashboard to log into where they can.
    • Review their reports online
    • Edit Reports and report content to synchronize with mobile devices
    • Review orders
    • Review their schedule
  • "KwikReports" Savings Calculator - see how much your company can benefit from using our service.

  • Advanced Search & Sorting on the following pages:
    • Inspections & Reports
    • Inspection Site Locations
    • Client List
  • More compact Inspection Order form - no need to re-enter existing Client and Inspection Site details. Use the "auto complete" to look them up.
  • Cross-referencing of Inspection Orders, Reports, Address Book entries and Inspector profiles on report pages.
  • Unicode support in PDF reports, on Android devices and throughout the entire website.
  • Mobile device now combines all order info on to one page.

Thank you
From The KwikReports Team
“Inspect NOW, Deliver NOW!”

Thursday, 2 May 2013

By request we have added bar code capability to your mobile solution.
Now aside from the search function in past reports you may now simply scan a bar code to pull up a specific report.

For example. When doing a report either for the first time or a re-inspect, in the "Orders" section you can adhere a bar code sticker in a "Home" location for that inspection. Then scan and apply its numerical code to that inspection.

Once you return to that location go to "Past Reports  and select the scanner icon. Scan the bar code you placed before and KwikReports will pull up that inspection in the the drop down list.

KwikReports will now automatically notify inspectors of an available update.  Two options will be given 'Update' or 'Later'. If 'Update' is selected, the KwikReports app will go through the process automatically requiring only 3 'Permission' taps.

Download our apk by scanning the code below

Monday, 15 April 2013

We have added a 'Pump Curve Information Audit'. Web interface will now notify account administrator if there is missing data in the Pump Section that will prevent the plotting of the Pump Curve graph. If you get this notification you may add the missing values and update the report or have the inspector add it on the mobile device and resubmit. Once all the information is in place the graph will be automatically produced in the report PDF file above the flowchart readings.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


KwikReports Android Fire Sprinkler  Inspection Software

KwikReports has always had a "Call Us" button in the help section that will auto dial the phone
Now by request from our international clients we have added an "Auto Dial"  for inspection firms that are now running the mobile app version of Skype. 

The above icon is also found in the help section and when tapped it will auto dial the Skype account of KwikReports saving the caller international phone fees.

Download the app by scanning this bar code.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The studying is over and the Android smartphones pilot program for no additional cost is a go.

We have finished the review and selected a supplier for our KwikReports Smart phone. The "Coming Soon" has been removed and the program is now available. I will attach a link to the details and conditions page. 

We have decided to allow our users to replace the phone every 24 months which we figure will let us add new features and companies can keep their inspectors phones updated.

Click here to go to the "Conditions and Details" page

Monday, 25 March 2013

We are studying a pilot program that will provide Android smartphones to our users for no additional cost.

We have received a number of calls and emails inquiring as to what we think is the best device for use in the field. There are a ton of things to consider and Android-powered devices come with a wide variation of features. At one point we considered offering ones we felt were a good fit on our site, but selling Android devices to the open market is a whole other deal as we would have to support non user purchases. We’d rather leave that to Best Buy.

But that still doesn't answer the question and it isn't an easy one. Not only do we have to look at the functionality we have currently but what we are planning to add and what some companies from this industry have already requested.

There is also weird stuff, for example, some camera software will reference the gravity sensor to establish the height and width of a photo and some don’t. So what winds up happening is that the devices that do will always have the photo oriented correctly in a report and the others won’t. Then an upgrade will come or the user will install additional camera software which will reference the sensor. Get the picture?

With all things considered we have come to a rather surprising conclusion. We think it may make more economical sense for us to supply Android devices to our users at no additional cost and support these units rather than try and support the sea of variations of Android OS versions and software that are out there now and to come. Our app will still work on most units of which we will continue to support, but it also means those who have borrowed their daughters Kindle Fire will have an option.
What this also means is that a company with multiple inspectors aren't faced with the cost of replacing all their phones.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


KwikReports  Fire Sprinkler

Mobile Inspection Android


You have just found the most comprehensive Fire Sprinkler inspection software.
Whether you are comparing a PC based OR a mobile device accessing a website site, you will find KwikReports the most effective tool for your inspection reporting.

Fully mobile meaning OFFLINE - yes you read that right. You do not need a data connection to enter your report information.

Limited to no Typing! - How?
We have utilized the synchronization of your online report customizable response options to your mobile device while implementing automatic population of your selected report items.
We start you off with hundreds of narrative code referenced deficiency database items which are fully customizable within your online account all accessed with a 3 tap “drill down” interface.

Your note taking just became your report writing. After  you have completed a report NEVER write that report again as your mobile device will store up to 30,000 reports on a standard sd card and can be recalled or cloned at a moment’s notice and YES, with NO DATA connection.

$0.00 investment to get started
FREE account
FREE mobile application
FREE activation code
No credit card required to get fully set up and reviewing report data.
Also our mobile app is AD FREE .

KwikReports Fire Sprinkler Mobile Inspection Software

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KwikReports Fire Sprinkler Mobile Inspection Software for Androids